The purity of the universal

With his needle, Ian Mosh weaves together the sound of stones being gently lapped by water, the crackle of light as it touches the trees and the energy and love of the centuries-old forests that gave rise to his muses.

The earth, sea, sky and nature – full of greens, whites and flowers of a thousand faces – come alive in patterns, fabrics and threads.

Cradled in pure romanticism, our collections showcase a perfect miscellany where natural tones and a joyful explosion of colour co-exist in harmony.

We present each of our creations like unique works of art where BEAUTY, GOODNESS and LOVE come alive collection after collection; garment after garment.

Since its creation in 1989, our brand has stayed loyal to its true essence. Our garments are pieces with their own soul, light and magic.

We are committed to continuing to create beauty and taking it to all corners of the world, so we can carry on creating hope and excitement.